An appeal to President Aquino

07/11/2010 - I would like to call the attention of His Excellency, President Benigno Aquino, regarding a resolution issued by majority of Metro Manila mayors appealing to retain current Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Oscar Inocentes.

* * *

Although Chairman Inocentes has occupied the position for only about six months after former Chairman Bayani Fernando vacated the position to run for vice president in the national election, he has accomplished a lot of programs and projects beneficial both for Metro Manila and the employees of MMDA. Significant among these are:

* * *

* Providing a housing project to the rank-and-file employees envisioned to become the “MMDA Village” now being set up in Carmona, Cavite. This shows the big heart of the chairman for the lowly MMDA workers numbering 3,000 permanent employees.

* Last December, 2009, on top of the Christmas cash gift, Chairman Inocentes approved the release of the performance incentives for the traffic enforcers amounting to R1.5 million. Under the ordinance, traffic enforcers are granted a certain percentage share out of the total collections on fines from apprehensions for traffic violations.

* * *

* Top local executives, whether of the opposition or administration, have given full support to the leadership of Secretary Oscar Inocentes. No less than the former MMDA Chairman and Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay, now Vice President of the Philippines, expressed his full confidence in Secretary Inocentes.

Incidentally, when former Mayor Binay showed up for the Metro Manila Council meeting, everybody was surprised because he had not attended the meeting for seven years, having had a rift with Secretary Inocentes’ predecessor!

* * *

* One of the priority acts Chairman Inocentes did when he took over was to pay BIR MMDA’s back taxes amounting to approximately P25 million.

* What the local top executives appreciate in Secretary Inocentes is his openness to talk or dialogue with them concerning problems and services needing attention. The mayor of Pateros commented that Chairman Inocentes “always consults us (Metro Manila mayors). He doesn’t do things without hearing us first.”

* * *

* From the employees’ side, the unions, cooperatives, especially the rank-and-file, like their chairman because he looks after their welfare and benefits, among these the long-awaited incentives and the MMDA housing benefit.

* Secretary Inocentes has opened the lines for communications, especially on reports about bad services from the department, as well as suggestions for improvement in the MMDA services.

* * *

The retired trial court judge may have been identified with the former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, having been her appointee. However this should not be the basis for changing him. Rather his track record and commendable performance during his stint as well as his acceptability to Local Government Units (LGU) and MMDA employees should be the overriding factor for retaining him.

* * *

Dear President Aquino, we want your Administration to succeed especially in delivering much-needed services towards improving the life of the people. We share in your mission but for that, Your Excellency need dedicated and effective officials, who will help you instead of giving you more problems.

To this end, we believe that the retention of MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes will be a very wise and correct decision. God bless.

* * *

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