The crisis in Marawi City is not an act of rebellion?

Here is report from CNN regarding crisis in Marawi and some user react to the report, please refer screenshot. What is your opinion? Please comment below!

Reader Reaction:

Let us objectively define or differentiate terrorism vs rebellion.

Rebellion is a resistance against a government. (*Armed resistance) they generally have a full military structure and generally act more like a traditional military, or militia. Generally speaking rebel groups target military and political targets only, they might oppress a civilian group, but only to support their needs. Lately yung ginagawa ng NPA na pag gamit ng landlmine at pagsunog ng mga businesses is already an act of terrorism.

Terrorism is using violence against civilians for a political goal. (a form of rebellion)ISIS is a hybrid rebel and terrorist movement. They fight directly on their home front, but also use terror tactics both on their home front and abroad.

The difference between a terrorist and a rebel is intention.

So, question. Does the act of maute satisfy the elements of rebellion? all or any of those mentioned

1)There be (a) public uprising - I would say yes, given that the Maute had an alleged support. Checks that was recovered is issued by 2 former mayor of lanao. etc etc

(b) taking arms against the Government - Check! They are well armed! well prepared!

2)The purpose of the uprising or movement is either

a)To remove from allegiance to said Government or its laws:
1) The territory of the Philippines or any part thereof; or 2) - Check! They want Marawi to be an ISIS Capital. An islamic state.

On the basis of declaring martial law?

"When the public safety requires it, he may, for a period not exceding 60 days declare martial law. In a specific location or entire country. So yung pag invade po ng maute sa marawi, places the public in great danger thus satisfying the basis on declaring martial law. Rebellion in a sense that they do not recognize the duly constituted gov't and pledges allegiance to ISIS. An Islamic State. Ang keyword po ay "WHEN THE PUBLIC SAFETY REQUIRES IT" Yung pag invade sa marami compromises the other places in MIndanao. That other places are vulnerable to any terrorist attack.

Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer to interpret the law. it would be better if someone can shed some light.

Source: Dan Agrade


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