Joselito Zapanta (OFW) in Saudi needs Php 55M blood money

Joselito Zapanta,from Mexico, Pampanga, is sentenced to death by the Saudi Court of First Instance on April 13, 2009. He allegedly killed his Sudanese landlord and he was also accused of theft.
Zapanta, father of two, however, said that it was all an accident since he tried to defend himself. He claimed his landlord allegedly beating him up over rental dues. 

It is not known if the case was appealed. Zapanta is supposedly now locked up in prison in Jeddah.
An “unprecedented” P55 million blood money is needed to release Joselito Zapanta from death row, sources said.

Moreso, the blood money to save Joselito Zapanta's life should be given no later than November 14, 2012.
The blood money was originally set at more than P400 million. Nonetheless, the P55 million is still considered a large sum.

The government is now in talks with the Saudi government to save a Filipino on death row and the Philippine officials have already asked the Saudi king to intervene. sources said officials still see a glimmer of hope since there is already a “diplomatic” emissary who can broker between the Philippines and the heirs of the landlord.

In a phone interview, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Raul Hernandez said he cannot comment on the case.
“It’s a very sensitive case. Rest assured that the Riyadh post is doing everything. I can’t say anything more, except that (the case) is being negotiated,” he told

He did not also confirm nor deny the blood money issues, saying only he does not have details of the case.
There is no formal government policy with regard to the payment of blood money.

Vice President Jejomar Binay last year formed a technical working group to create and discuss the criteria for determining when to give blood money. Under Islamic laws, the “diyya” is given to the heirs to mitigate a death sentence.

The report of the technical working group has already been submitted to Malacaรฑang.
Credit: ABS CBN news

This news reached the media but the case of Felizardo Senaro Padiz never had a chance to be featured in the Philippine local news. I am not saying that we will not help Joselito Zapanta but it looks like the government and the media are giving too much attention to this case compared to Felizardo Padiz.
Now, if the Philippine government will donate Php 55M diyya/blood money to KSA, would it be fair in reference to the case of Felizardo Padiz? Please comment below! 

Article credit to Radicalmind


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