P-Noy believes in Santa

11/04/2011 - The President made this admission in his first YouTube World View interview and expressed his early Christmas wish for more caring instead of hurling criticisms among people.
The President was asked by a seven-year-old boy named Joshua in a video posted on YouTube if he believes in Santa Claus and what his Christmas wish was.
“I believe in Santa Claus. Santa Claus perhaps is the personification of how people, best in people, their idea of generosity, their idea of caring. That comes out among Christians during this period most strongly," the President said in response to Joshua’s question.
His Christmas wish, Aquino said is people would care more for others even after the Yuletide season.
The President said people should consider contributing "towards the improvement of the whole rather than how we can concentrate on envy or ability to criticize daily ad infinitum that leads to nowhere."
"We really have to shift, those of us who is left in the criticize- everything-and-anything phase to transforming ourselves into how we can assist our neighbor, our sister, our brother or somebody we don't even know," the President said.
"Perhaps that idea of caring for everybody does not exist during the Christmas period but more so the facet of everyday life. There has to be looking out rather than looking purely at one's self-interest. That's our wish," he added.
Aquino also talked about his plans on job generation, improvement of the Manila airport, better social services, peace initiative in Mindanao, his views on responsible parenthood, among others during the hour-long interactive forum sponsored by YouTube and Google.
The President declined to name his favorite destination, food and activity. He said anybody can visit any place in the country and enjoy their trip.
"As one of the chief promoters of tourism in the country, I can look anybody in the eye and say you can go to practically any region in this country and there will be sites that will make your trip worthwhile," he said.
Aquino added that Filipino food have "more natural taste" compared to the food he tasted while travelling abroad.
"Once our transportation network and issues are more addressed, then even the inter-island transportation will be greatly enhanced and we will be able to expose more people to bounties of our country," he said.
Aquino, the first Asian leader to participate in the online interview series, was interviewed by Google policy director for Asia Pacific Ross LeJounesse.
The President also said he would prioritize peace in Mindanao over the territorial dispute in the Spratlys.
“I think the primary issue has to be the peace and order situation in the Philippines - assistance to the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) and the PNP (Philippine National Police) should be prioritized,” Aquino said.
“Embarking on external defense at this point in time is, I think, an unproductive way of utilizing the resources that we do have,” he said.
Aquino had always advocated peace instead of an all-out war with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) even after the Basilan clash last month that led to the death of 19 soldiers.
He said there is a need to “tackle the root cause” of the insurgency in Mindanao.
Aquino said his administration supports security forces by providing them with their basic needs such as equipment and housing.
“We have P10 billion for the modernization program,” he said.(Manila Bulletin)


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