Group appeals for litter-free Nazarene feast on 2012

01/10/2011 - MANILA -- Despite the lack of public recall on its appeal for a litter-free feast, the EcoWaste Coalition advised devotees not to turn Luneta and Quiapo in Manila into a garbage dump next year.

“Next time, please try not to litter for a more fitting affirmation of our faith,” the group’s president Roy Alvarez said.

For her part, Eileen Sison, non-government representative to the National Solid Waste Management Commission, hoped that the country’s “passionate devotion” to the Black Nazarene should be translated into commitments for a clean and safe environment.

Citing reports from its Basura Patrollers, EcoWaste said it was disappointed to see tons of garbage piles as countless believers flocked to Rizal Park and to Quiapo Church to pay respect to the Black Nazarene and present their petitions for good health and fortune.

“From afar, the streets, particularly the street corners and gutters, appear to be white due to a snowstorm that pounded Quiapo,” EcoWaste quoted an unidentified Basura Patroller as saying.

According to City Government data, garbage collection in the Quiapo area rises to 36 tons per day during the two-day fiesta period, of which 85 percent are reportedly biodegradable like food leftovers and kitchen scraps. (Sun Star)

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