News Comes Alive in Manila Bulletin 3D

09/24/2010 - Manila Bulletin's 3D issue, which was featured in television and radio morning shows received positive reactions from readers around Metro Manila, where the limited 3D issue was circulated.

MANILA, Philippines — On September 24, 2010, Friday, the country woke up and got a dose of the good news accompanied by photos in vivid, three-dimensional colors.

From that day on, the Manila Bulletin, the nation's leading newspaper, has fully embraced the advancing media technology.

The 3-D newspaper technology, which has already started in other parts of the globe, is now in the Philippines now a part of history.

“We’re trailblazing for the industry,” said Bulletin managing editor Fil C. Sionil.

The 3D issue, which was featured in television morning shows “Umagang Kay Ganda” of ABS-CBN, “Mornings at ANC” of ABS-CBN News Channel and radio programs of DZBB and DZMM, received positive reactions from readers around Metro Manila, where the limited 3D issue was circulated.

* Christine Grace Sarmiento-Tria, account manager of Fleishman-Hillard Philippines, said that the Manila Bulletin 3D issue is now a part of the Philippine Journalism history as it's not only the paper's first 3D edition but also a first in the Philippine newspaper industry.
* Wilson Tan of Thinking Tools, Cebu, congratulated Manila Bulletin for this innovation, wishing that the newspaper of the future would also include audio.
* Anj Segovia of MSI-ECS said that she won't let the day pass without grabbing the first 3D newspaper in the Philippines and she would bring the paper to show it to people at home.
* Edd Fuentes, president of Fuentes Publicity Network, said that this is a major breakthrough.
* Jefferson Plaza, president of Advance Solutions, said that Manila Bulletin, known for it's tagline "There is good news here" should add “...and good pictures too" as the 3D photos of the paper look really amazing.
* Paolo Abrera, Gigi Grande, Ginger Conejero and Ron Cruz of the program Mornings at ANC of ABS-CBN News Channel agreed that this innovation could change the way people look at newspaper.
* Radio tandem Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja said that people who said that the newspaper is a dying industry would think again because of this innovation. "It has made the newspaper new again.”
* Mitchel R. Confesor, PBSP Media Relations Officer, said, “Congratulations to Manila Bulletin for marking a photojournalism milestone in this Friday’s issue (Sept. 24, 2010) with the pioneering of printed news photos in three dimensions.”

The Manila Bulletin, started in black in white in 1900 and went full color in mid-90s, has vowed to continue to innovate and adopt to the changing world of technology to serve the nation better to be truly the exponent of the Philippine progress. (Manila Bulletin)

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  1. Truly an amazing innovation. Here's new reason to look forward to reading the morning paper!





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