Military orders probe on 'demoted' general

08/17/2010 - THE Armed Forces leadership ordered an investigation against National Capital Region Command chief Rear Admiral Feliciano Angue for questioning his re-assignment or "demotion" as commander of the Naval Forces Western Mindanao.

AFP spokesman Jose Mabanta said they are investigating Angue because his pronouncement are bordering on insubordination, noting that the probe is led by the AFP Judge Advocate General.

"Professionalism and obedience to lawful orders should be intrinsic to every soldier. The recently issued set of designations is in line with the transformation advocacy of the Commander-in Chief," he said.

"All these, without exemption, have passed through a stringent process - from the Major Services, to the Board of Generals, all the way to the President's approval. To disobey such orders constitute defiance to the chain-of-command," added Mabanta.

"We view such statements as bordering on insubordination and violation of AFP Code of Ethics, Article 5, Section 4.3, paragraph 4.3.12 (Unethical Acts) in the airing of grievances through tri-media, destroying the image of the AFP," he further said.

Mabanta said Angue should have aired his sentiments before the established grievance mechanism instead of the media.

"Every soldier is aware that while issues and grievances may be relevant, there are legal means and proper forum to address them. The correct process must be followed."

The issue cropped up when the AFP leadership reassigned Angue to a two-star post in Mindanao when he is occupying a three-star position in the National Capital Region Command

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