MMDA tells LGUs to clear drains of debris to prevent flooding woes

06/02/10 - The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) directed Wednesday engineering offices of local government units (LGUs) in Metro Manila to clear drainages of construction debris left by contractors that may cause flooding problems and pose danger to motorists as the rains have started falling.

Robert Nacianceno, MMDA general manager, said he has ordered his men to make the rounds of ongoing construction sites and recently finished infrastructure projects all over Metro Manila to ensure that contractors, whether private or public, are removing their construction debris and wastes in their work sites.

“These construction debris pose danger to passing motorists and commuters especially during rainy season and cause long duration of heavy flooding,” said Nacianceno.

He also warned contractors who fail to put up safety gadgets and warning signs to caution the public.

Baltazar Melgar, Flood Control Management Office chief, said many LGUs are conducting infrastructure projects such as sidewalk improvement where diggings are done. More often, however, he said workers fail to remove the debris that may later cause flooding problems.

He said recently in East Avenue, Quezon City, floodwaters did not recede immediately and residents and motorists endured floods the following day, prompting the MMDA to check on the area.

It was discovered that there was an ongoing construction near the area and the drainage was full of debris, Melgar said.

The MMDA said it would also like to remind the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) about the need to remove the debris as their workers pave roads or repair water pipes.

He said some projects are performed on a 24-hour basis so they could finish work before the opening of classes in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, 25 Internet protocol closed circuit television (IP CCTV) cameras will be installed on main pumping stations to provide real-time monitoring within the critical and flood prone areas in the metropolis, MMDA Chairman Oscar Inocentes said.

He said the project is part of the agency’s flood control monitoring system with telemetry and remote management platform which was designed to monitor the 25 pumping stations located at various sites in one centralized command center.

“This goes to prove that our operations never ground to a halt even before and after the elections. We remained productive and we are constantly improving our services to the public,” Inocentes said.

The project aims to augment and improve the security conditions at critical areas of operations of MMDA’s flood control offices which will prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to restricted areas, he said.

The new monitoring structure in place will incorporate the use of a telemetry system which will enable the agency to gather pertinent pumping facilities information including diesel pump status, fuel consumption, fuel level on the storage tanks, and flood levels among other things.

Milagros Silvestre, head of the Management Information System (MIS), said the system will utilize a hybrid camera and video analytics software as well as intranet platforms which will provide real-time monitoring, recording, and archiving and management of data. (Manila Bulletin)

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