History of Las Piñas City

Las Pinas City, Philippines dubs as a “City of Unparalleled Progress”. Las Pinas City is one of the earliest settlements in Manila. From its roots to the present day, Las Pinas City has proven itself as a representative of rapid growth.

The beginnings of Las Pinas City can be traced back all the way to the 17th century when it used to be a barrio of Paranaque. It began as a little sleepy fishing village with only a little more than a thousand residents.

Father Diego Cera, a Spanish Missionary, gave Las Pinas a good push forward back in 1795 which led to the establishment of the Las Pinas Church in 1819 and the construction of the world famous Bamboo Organ. The commencement of infrastructure paved the way for industrial development in the area. The building of roads and bridges in what was to become Las Pinas City sparked the beginnings of industries, which included dye-making, salt production, and handicrafts.

Las Pinas City was also the scene of many battles between Filipino revolutionary fighters and the Spanish troops. These were dark days for Las Pinas City, nevertheless the people were able to rise from the bloody turmoil and push forward.

The construction of the South Superhighway gave Las Pinas a boost and the city was placed as first class. The close proximity of Las Pinas to Manila caught the eye of real estate companies and other investors. The coastal town was eventually transformed to an urban center catering to large industries.

Since then Las Pinas was recognized to have taken rapid strides in urbanization and has seen steady economic growth.

Las Pinas is home to the Las Pinas Chamber of Commerce and Industry. It stands as the voice of the city’s business community. The organization’s vision is to promote economic growth in Las Pinas City and advance the benefits of its members.

It aims to provide strategic business services and local and international networking to support the members of the chamber. The Las Pinas Chamber of Commerce and Industry is one of the 17 local chambers of commerce in the National Capital Region.

The chamber hosts monthly and bi-monthly meetings, conferences, and projects.

The most well known festival of Las Pinas is the International Bamboo Organ Festival. It is a week-long festival which highlights the world famous Bamboo Organ. The Bamboo Organ is a functioning instrument and was first played in 1821.

Accommodations in Las Pinas would range from Php 400 to more than Php 1,000. Las Pinas City is very accessible and is just moments away from Manila. If you wish to see one of the most historic sights in the country, or you may just be a lover fine music, or you may want to see what business opportunities await you try checking out Las Pinas City. You will surely enjoy your stay and have a first hand experience of Philippine history.

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